"As We March on to Glory"

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"As We March on to Glory"

Postby Soapbox Preacher » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:32 pm

As we face this goliath,
On this dark, clouded day,
As he does impose his will,
This is what we will say:

We will not be afraid,
For the Lord is on our side.
Through the darkest nights,
He will ever be our guide.
Our trust in Him we will never hide,
As we march on to Glory!

The enemy, he is near.
Our gates are broken through.
As he overwhelms us,
This is what we will do:

We will take up the cross
Right to the point of death.
We will praise His great name,
Yes, with our final breath.
We will bring the Word down to the lowest depth,
As we march on to Glory!

As the Lord, He does guide us
To the great victory,
We will shout "Hallelujah!",
We all on bended knee.

We will shout to the hills,
So the stars, they will hear.
We will sing paeans
To the One we love dear.
We will never stop 'til the whole earth gives a cheer,
As we march on to Glory!

Dominus, in totus ego operer may palma peto Vos. Amen.
Greg A. Oosterhouse, 3-3-2009
Live life in love, for to love is to live!
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