On Body Hair

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On Body Hair

Postby jochanaan » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:17 pm

(I submitted this poem for a nudist poetry contest on clothesfreelife.)

in open air
I feel my hair waving

Under clothes
I don’t feel it

but when I free myself
it rejoices
with me

The hairs on my arms
like the sun

My head hair and beard
wag in the breeze

My leg hairs like
the wind from my walking

My underarm tuft
sends a kind rush of cool
to my sweaty skin

Even my pubic hair
waves in the wind

Once when I had to shave
my face hated the raw wind

But now my beard loves
the cold breezes

I’ll never cut or raze
since I love
how all my hair
waves in the wind
You can live your life in fear--or you can live your life.
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