The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

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The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Postby OzTech » Sat May 09, 2020 10:31 am


I figured it would be about time to provide some details about the current walk the Lord has been taking I and my wife through. Almost two months back we received confirmation that my wife has Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. She has always maintained that if she ever got cancer she would refuse treatment so as to avoid her children and grand children seeing her as some suffering shadow of her former self. Since the Covid-19 lock down her family has been unable to have very much contact with her and, with that prospect in view, she accepted chemo therapy (radiation was not appropriate). Without that treatment the doctor suggested she would only live another two or three months. It, apparently, is not curable at this time so she will die sooner that we could normally expect. She is totally in faith in all this and the prospect of dying is not an issue because she knows that her work here in this life is nearly finished and that, before to much longer, she will be present with our Lord Jesus. Prior to this she was asking God what her work is but His reply was not to worry about that but just be who she is.

Whoever she talks to know is encouraged by her testimony and faith that God has His hand on her life. At her last (2nd) treatment the nurse asked if she would do a survey. One question was, on a scale from 0 to 10, how much fear do you have? The question so surprised her she had to ask for it to be repeated. She said zero. The nurse was shocked so she told her 'I'm a born again, spirit filled Christian. God has every aspect of my life in His hands so I have absolutely no reason to fear anything.' The nurse told her that was wonderful. It would have certainly made her think about what it means to be a Christian. That is not a 'normal' response for a large portion of our society. Another member of our fellowship is also going through chemo and she has been encouragement to them also.

She will be going into surgery early in June (9th) to 'de-bulk' the cancer and remove all non-essential parts of her innards ("Hmm... Doc... what is this bit... does she need it?" "Er... dunno... lets ripped it out anyway... oops... put it back... quick!" :D ). It's major surgery and last major surgery she had on her back nearly killed her so the prayers we'll be saying is that it does not have anything like that happen again... but the Lord will have His way in that also... for her to die then may save her a lot of pain later... it's just a bit sooner than I or the rest of her family would like.

My wife has many things that make her life less comfortable now that when she was younger. She has constant pain from arthritis (back and shoulders), tinnitus, osteo-porossis (weakened bones), high blood pressure, reflux and the disability she was born with... I cannot remember what else. I am not looking forward to life without her but I do not begrudge her graduating from this life into one where all pain is gone and she has a glorified body. For her she, will go to sleep in this life and wake up in the next where everything is so amazing that we can not possible imagine it. I just hope that what ever time she has left we can make worthwhile for her. We have sister fellowships in many other parts of Oz which, whenever we travel, we try and visit to meet other members of our Church family. Hopefully after she recovers from her last treatment we will do another trip to Cairns and visit several fellowships. It might be to say goodbye. Another cruise would also be nice... probably a good time to get cheap fares and the most notorious ship for Covid-19 (that would be the Ruby Princess down under) would probably be the one most sterlized.
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Re: The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Postby naturist » Sat May 09, 2020 5:30 pm

Thank you OzTech for sharing your wife's testimony with us. Its wonderful to see what strong faith she has. I'm sorry for this rough time she and your family are going through. I pray she will continue in her strong faith and continue to provide encouragement to others. And she will be well enough to be able to do those things you hope to do. :pray:
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Re: The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Postby Petros » Sun May 10, 2020 6:43 am

Prayers for strength, right vision, and God's outcome. He is in charge.
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Re: The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Postby RMOlson » Sun May 10, 2020 9:46 am

Your wife, your family, and you will be in my prayers. Her testimony is powerful.
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Re: The Testimony of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Postby Englishman » Mon May 11, 2020 5:25 am

Dear OzTech,

I am deeply moved by your wife's story & the couragous responses, from both of you, to this dreadful news. Like others on here, I shall be praying for you both & the extended family. I take comfort in knowing that although I am on the other side of the world the prayer of faith surpasses those boundaries. May you all know God's abundant presence with you during these difficult days.
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