Breaking Point

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Breaking Point

Postby Petros » Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:12 pm

This morninfg squeaky clear early in came Number 1 Son and his associate - wide range of shared enterprises. Steve-O is a laid back high energy type who feeds off company and activity - Numer 1 Son, like both his parents, needs release and relief, time to unwind and recharge. Which he is not getting. Says Steve-O - lots to do, he is going at it of his own free will, no problemo. We say, we have seen others AND ourselves wear themselves to a frazzle trying to do such things unrelieved, to the point in certain cases of physical and mental breakdown [one important example very nearly died, others had to drop out.

We are pushing for / praying for sanity promoting monitoring of stress levels, with doen time for over heating engines.
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