BBC Radio Solent Interview with CNF/CNV Member

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BBC Radio Solent Interview with CNF/CNV Member

Postby natman » Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:59 pm

Christian Naturist Village and Christian Naturist Fellowship member Gordon Goddard was interviewed by BBC Radio Solent Sunday host Tim Daykin on June 8th, 2008.

To listen to the interview, [CLICK HERE]

The Christian Naturist Fellowship website is

You can also listen to Tim Daykin's weekly show. [CLICK HERE]

Thank you Gordon
Nathan Powers

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Postby jochanaan » Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:52 pm

Well done! :D
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Postby Balloon_Artist » Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:03 am

I think he did a right fine job.

Your brother in Christ,

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Postby Strandloper » Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:06 pm

Hi, Nathan –
excellent interview, as far as it goes. It does seem to break off quite abruptly at a point where some pertinent questions have been asked, but even without answers to those questions, it is good to hear that this was broadcast.
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Postby fatpizzaman » Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:49 am

It's a very brief interview but he makes the points well. I am glad that he also answered the presenter well when he was asked if he encourages other Christians to get involved in naturism. I haven't seen the website yet, but I will definitely check it out.

Postby Jon-Marc » Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:53 pm

It only played a few seconds for me and then cut off.
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Transcript of conversation with Gordon Goddard

Postby Ramblinman » Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:40 pm

Jon Marc this is for you and anyone else who had trouble with the audio:
Sunday June 8, 2008
Tim Daykin

musical notes fading into the background...
Tim Daykin: Chris Baywater there.. with "Above All". You're listening to BBC Radio Solent on a Sunday morning with me, Tim Daykin. And the time is twenty-two minutes past seven.

Now I don't know whether you've been watching the box this last few days. And Trinny and Susannah are those style gurus who I wouldn't let anywhere near me with a twenty-five foot disinfected barge pole, for fear that they would sort of rummage through my wardrobe and throw everything out. But they were getting a naked sculpture together on the Sussex Downs. Now this wasn't, I think, just for.. the sort of sensational value of doing it on the telly. They were actually making a very important point about people being content and happy and learning to live with what God has given them.

And of course, in Southampton I'm told, on a Friday evening, there were some naked cyclists. I didn't see them and I wasn't one of them.

But there are Christians, who think it is the right thing to do, to actually take off their clothes. And one of them joins me now, he's Gordon Goddard.

Tim Daykin: Gordon, good morning!

Gordon Goddard: Good morning to you!

TD: Gordon, you're a member of the Christian Naturist Fellowship.

GG: Yes.

TD: Um, but you were a naturist; you were out there in the sun, in the altogether long before you became a Christian?

GG:Yes I was, as a child, yes.

TD: So, so you were brought up to it within the family?

GG: Yes!

TD: And this was with your parents?

GG: Uh, no, with friends of my parents, actually.

TD: And your parents were quite comfortable with that?

GG: Yes, oh yes, yes.

TD: So were you actually also brought up within a Christian home, Gordon? Or was that some...

GG: No, no, very cynical, very cynical towards anything religious at all.

TD:So, how did you come to Christian faith?

GG: Well, uh, we lived next door to a little chapel and my mother went in there, uh one day, and she got saved. And she came back and she kept saying, "Oh, you ought to come in and hear this and hear that; and one day I did go in and uh, I got saved in that service.

TD: Hearing you use the term, "saved", Gordon..

GG: Yes, I know many people won't understand that..

TD: Well, no, no, no, I think people do, but it.. I think what it sort of tends to conjure up is a fairly, what we would call "evangelical Christian". Is that a fair description of you?

GG: Oh, yes, yes!

TD: So, did you continue with your naturism after you were saved?

GG: Yes, uh, well Ha! ..very slightly. Uh, I had a big conflict really, because every.. uh more or less everyone within Christian circles will tell you it's "hands-off" in horror at the thought of it, you know? And so a big conflict arose and that was there for years and years until I met with the uh, Christian Naturist Fellowship and I realized that I wasn't the only one who thought that way.

TD: So it's something that you are now obviously completely comfortable with?

GG:Yes, oh yes, yes.

TD: So, do you get together with other Christian naturists?

GG: Yes, we have about six meetings a year in different naturist clubs.

TD: And what happens at those meetings?

GG: Uh, it's usually a day. And we have discussions among ourselves about various topics, uh that concern people and we can just sit around and talk about it. And we have a service at the end of that, to which anybody can come and join in the discussions or the service.

TD: And would that be, you know, like any other service with, you know with hymns and prayers, et cetera?

GG: Yes indeed, yes! Yes and uh, communion at the end, normally.

TD: Right! And so who takes that?

GG: It could be anyone. It could be me. It could be one of the others. Uh, it could be... We have a chaplain as well. It could be him. We all take part in it. It's not just one person taking the service. We do different things. Take the readings and the prayers and things like that.

TD: And what..when you go to this sort know, naturist centres...

GG: Yes...

TD: ...and you are having a service, what do the other visitors there think of you?

GG: Surprisingly enough we are extremely well received in the clubs, extremely well looked after. And uh, they are very friendly towards us and uh, very often they'll come 'round and join in because we sing a lot of the older hymns as well that they know.

TD: Hmm...

GG: ...And they come and join in!

TD: So, finally Gordon, would you encourage other Christian people to get involved in naturism in this sort of way?

GG: If they feel it's right for them.

TD: And how can people find out more?

GG: Uh, well, we do have a Web site and that is, uh: www dot christiannaturist, (all one word), dot org, dot UK Uh, or there is a phone number, which is mine..

TD: Okay..

GG: Can I give that?

TD: Yeah, you certainly can!

GG: 01-550-740-349

TD: Yeah!

TD: And if people would like to find out more, they can give you a call or they can look at the Web site.

GG:Yes, they can ring or look on the Web site.

TD: Just give us that Web site once more, Gordon!

GG:Yes: christiannaturist (one word), dot org, dot UK

TD: Yep!

TD: Well Gordon, thanks very much indeed for *coming to the wicket! And enjoy the sunshine today!

GG: Thank you very much!

TD: Ha Ha! Lovely to talk to you!

GG: God bless you all!

TD: Bye!

Music begins.

TD: And this is Sammy Horner ..

Note: "Coming to the wicket" is British English for "stepping up to the plate" (literally or figuratively)
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