Basic Definitions

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Basic Definitions

Postby SiteAdmin » Thu May 25, 2006 3:58 am

This thread will give you an overview of basic definitions. Other threads may be developed to discuss these definitions, and others, in greater detail.

A nudist is a person who enjoys living life free of the confines of clothing whenever it is feasable.

A naturist is a person who understands that the naked human body is perfectly natural and consistant with the natural world and is most concerned with simple, practical comfort in any environment.

A closet nudist or home nudist is a person who is nude at home whenever possible, but secretly so for fear of reprisals or recriminations.

A nude beach refers to a section of public beach that is set aside, either officially or by custom, for nude or clothing optional bathing. In some cases it is policed, but that is not always true. Local laws vary widely.

A landed club is a nudist resort or club that owns property and provides facilities for nudists / naturists, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, hiking trails, game courts, picnic tables, camping facilities, etc. Most facilities police their own facility very strictly, and do not allow any forms of sexualized activity or harrassment of any sort, upon pain of ejection from the facility.

A non-landed club is a local organization of nudists / naturists that meet in homes and other facilities for their activities, but doesn't own their own facility.

Clothing optional refers to facilities, events or activities that allow people to be nude, partially nude, or fully clothed, according to personal choice.

A swinger club is a sex club that sometimes masquerades as a nudist club to appear legitimate. They are usually adult-only venues; where no children are allowed. True nudist / naturist clubs reject them, as well as all forms of sexualized activity, and are usually very family oriented. It is also true that some sexual abusers may pose as nudists, but again no one in the genuine nudist community would accept that.

AANR stands for American Association for Nude Recreation. It is the largest umbrella group in the USA. It requires police profiles for all its members, to make sure no sexual predators get into AANR club events. Most clubs in the USA are members of AANR.

Approximately 39% of the North American population enjoys nudity in some form as defined above. About 18-19% have attended a social nudist activity, or would if they could. In a recent US national poll 94% of those polled said nudists / naturists should be allowed to prectice their lifestyle as long as they did not offend the public.

CCBN stands for Central Council for British Naturism. It is the official body in the United Kingdom for the support and promotion of wholesome family oriented naturism. CCBN publishes an excellent magazine every quarter, and membership of CCBN also includes affililated membership of the INF (international Naturists Federation). CCBN is based in Northampton, and is experiencing a healthy growth in membership. Many naturist clubs and naturist holiday clubs are either members of CCBN or feature greatly in the magazine. Their web site is:-
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Re: Basic Definitions

Postby natman » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:10 pm

This was posted by one of our members and gives some better understanding of the difference between a "nudist" and a "naturist".

Ramblinman wrote:What is now called nudism and naturism began in Germany and France in the early part of the 20th century.

Nudity was merely a part of an overall plan to restore health and natural living.

Clubs formed and people met on private land to enjoy this new health practice and to discuss the philosophy based on that practice.

The movement came to the United States in the 1930's and was known as "nudism" here.

In Germany the movement was first called the Free Body Culture, (Frei Korper Kultur in the native German).

In France, it was called Naturiste.

While the greater social freedoms in Europe allowed the FKK and Naturiste participants to enjoy nudity on many beaches and even city parks, the freedom to be nude outside of resorts was slower to come in the United States.

In the late 60's and early 1970's, the counterculture movement in the United States led many hippies or flower children to try skinny dipping and other forms of social nudity. Some of these participants at informal nude beaches were the children of resort-going nudists, but most were young people new to the idea. Not all those involved in the counterculture stuck with social nudity, but those who did, came to refer to it as "naturism", an anglicized form of the French word.

For a number of years, at least in the United States, nudists were those who went to nudist camps and resorts. Naturists were those who enjoyed nudity outdoors, typically on beaches or on camping trips.

The Naturist Society developed from the naturist movement and has historically been a stronger supporter of legislation to form and protect nude beaches and elsewhere outside resorts.

Nudists, having been established longer, were a more conservative and cautious group, not wanting to make waves, reluctant to push legislation unless it affected the right to be nude behind the fences of a resort.

In the past 10 or 20 years, the boundaries seem to be softening between naturism and nudism. There are increasing numbers of people who are both members of private nudist camps and resorts and enjoy nude recreation in discrete settings on public land.

Nudist is a better-known term in American English and yet it is often a term misunderstood by the general public.
Naturist is not as well-known a word in the USA, but may require just as much explanation when the question comes up.

I am one of those who prefer the way the term "naturism" implies harmony with nature and healthy living as well as the mere preference for nudity. But in all fairness to those who call themselves "nudist", until very recently, nudist clubs never promoted nudity alone, but always in the context of healthy living, exercise, and good diet.

One criticism of modern-American nudism is that in their push to endorse body acceptance, this has somehow morphed into an acceptance of unhealthy lifestyles such as slothful living, smoking, a poor diet and drinking alcohol to excess.
Our Christian training reminds us to love the sinner, but hate the sin. This is what we need to return balance to our nudist or naturist culture.

Nudism has often been run for the exclusive benefit of resorts and neglected the long-term needs of the movement.
To some extent social change has prevented young adults with families from attending nudist venues as they did in the past, but bad resort policies or benign neglect have also served to discourage a new generation from joining clubs, campgrounds and resorts.

The Naturist Society has rightfully criticized organized nudism when it looks the other way at this problem and even gross immorality is coddled. But there has been a lot of unnecessary animosity between The Naturist Society and AANR Nudists.

There has also been unnecessary animosity between American nudists/naturists and evangelical Christians.
There are those who have been hurt by legalistic even vindictive churches. And some evangelicals who did become naturists have possibly overstepped the bounds in pushing their faith at resorts, but even pagan or non-religious naturists should recognize the benefit in finding common ground with Christian naturists of good will. I think the time is here to put the past behind us and work to educate the general public and if necessary fight for our right to social nudity inside and outside resort walls.
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Re: Basic Definitions

Postby montanaman » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:14 pm

It is amazing how the meaning of a word can change over the course of time. Websters Dictionary of Words and Phrases, 1838, defines a "naturist" as one who worships nature.
Today, we seem to have a different understanding of the term.
As Christians, we would shun any resemblance to the actual worship of nature. However, we must always be careful not to let anything become more important to us than our love, reverence, and honor (i.e. relationship) toward the One who created us and came, as a man, to die for us. Someone once said, "the thing you polish the most becomes your god". That is to say, whatever thing upon which you spend the most time, thought, energy, and resources, is really what you worship.
As much as I love and enjoy being naked in the outdoors (or anywhere, for that matter), I must never let it become the most important thing in my life. My Savior must never become just an after-thought to me.
I will continue to experience life "naturally" as often as the opportunity presents itself but it will always be with an attitude of appreciation and thankfulness for the way God made me, and for the beautiful surroundings He has allowed me to dwell in. And when He says it's time to put on some clothes for a while, I'll gladly do it.

'nuff said!

Blessings to all,

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Re: Basic Definitions

Postby jochanaan » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:20 pm

In my experience, naturism is not a substitute for God, but a way to Him. 8)
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Re: Basic Definitions

Postby natman » Tue May 01, 2012 3:30 pm

jochanaan wrote:In my experience, naturism is not a substitute for God, but a way to Him. 8)

Well, it certainly CAN be a way to a closer relationship with God, but I don't think that is ALWAYS. It all depends on what is in our hearts and what motivates us to draw close to God in this way.

For me, it is a desire to deny Satan's victory over the "Image and Likeness of God", to show that God created us and in fact STILL creates us to glorify Him.... nothing added. In fact, the least added, the better.
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