Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

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Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

Postby Bare_Truth » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:46 pm

So is there any rating of the various Naturist/Nudist sites available on line.
Someone told me that a particular website which has a name suggesting that they are true to the spirit of naturism and nudism might be worth looking in to and thanks to some links they sent it was easy to click on the links and arrive in the site without having to go through all the registration stuff just to get the flavor of the site. But as some of you know I have a thing about the avatar's people use and while some are just some sort of picture found on the internet, some others take time to come up with something that reflects some facet of their personality. Accordingly I was rather disappointed to find that avatars were so small that one could hardly make them out and some just could not be made out. But on the pages I was visiting i noticed that there was one associated with a unique screen name, which was "Saphire's Dad" And I thought that this might be a really good family picture of a Dad and his Daughter at a naturist resort or something, and it was so tiny that I could barely make out that there were two "somethings" in it. but too tiny to make out any detail. Many of you know that I have something more than just minimal digital photo skills, and true to form I put them to use. Getting the icon was pretty easy,

I was having difficulty seeing what the Icon was for the moderator "Saphire's Dad". So:
-- I used the program "Shutter" to get a screen shot of the tiny icon as a screen capture
-- Then I used the program "GIMP" to blow the image up about 4x or more
-- I used one of GIMP's tools to sharpen the blurry image twice.and
-- I got a better look at it.
This is what I saw.

Obviously not what I expected, especially not from a website that has a name implying that it is showing naturism in a true light. Now I suppose one could argue that the image is not what it looks like but I hardly think that an image like that has much reliability of being taken as something that reflects what most of Naturism is about, leastwise historically nor do I think that its potential for being taken as a big negative does anything to attract the kind of folks who would bring multigenerational families into naturism. Mostly I think it would bring lots of "I Told You So" criticism from prudish textiles. I will not be offended if the moderators here remove it after it has been here long enough for the general population have a chance to see what I am referring to.

So trying to generate a positive impetus from this rude surprise of nearly hidden imagery, Let me ask if there is any sort of credible listing of websites from nudist/naturist organizations worth visiting where this sort of bad stuff for the naturist movement gets promptly filtered out Or better yet a listing of places that are definitely not worth visiting. Such as the site in question that implies in its name that it depicts the true spirit of naturism and projects the true family values under which naturism was formed.

If people want to do what that image implies, I suppose that under Lassise Faire Libertarianism that is just being free and exercising that philosophy but the implied practice is not one that I can support. And just for clarity for those who would like to try to deflect the point I am making, my opinion has nothing to do with the races of the participants, And I am sure that someone might wish to say what is wrong with two people engaging in wrestling horse play in a hot tub, but the implication of the situation is so easily taken otherwise that the image is really not avatar material because of what it suggests.
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Re: Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

Postby Petros » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:18 am

Periodically, being perennially nibbled by the Research Bug, like the dear lady from Natchez, I take to the web with my lantern seeking traces of a site I could consider frequenting. I have over the years identiied 5, of which I frequent 3, which I shall not identify as none are perfect and which features are intolerable will vary with the intolerator.

It is a problem.

As is the picture even when rendered undetermined. Though that inner elephant's child now keeps whining, Who is Saphire? Why is it spedlt so? Who is Dad? Who took the Picture? To what end?
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Re: Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

Postby JimShedd112 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:07 am

The image strikes me in the same way as it does Bare_Truth, hinting at "adult content" by answering the question so often heard in "adult" circles "Who's you daddy?" I get no impression of an honest, true naturist/nudist family-oriernted site.

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Re: Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

Postby webmeister » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:33 pm

JimShedd112 wrote: I get no impression of an honest, true naturist/nudist family-oriernted site.


And thus, it is an enemy we continue to resist, to thwart...he keep our good intentions at bay, disguised, disoriented, and the public deceived...frustrating it is...
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Re: Finding Sites in the Mainstream of Naturism

Postby jochanaan » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:47 pm

I hope the site wasn't Clothes Free International! When I was first researching naturism, that was one of the sites I discovered, and it was consistently on track and seemed to allow no "funny business."
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