How do people control their lust, when they are all together, naked? Doesn't the Bible say it's wrong?<P>Only Native Residents may post here.

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Re: Lust

Postby MtnDewNudist » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:21 pm

[quote="Jon-Marc"]I don't suppose that textiles and nudists/naturists will ever agree on what causes lust--whether it's the skimpy, sexually revealing clothing and swimsuits that many women wear, or total nudity. Total nudity takes away the curiosity and mystery as to what she looks like totally nude. I used to look at women years ago (before getting into social nudity) and wondered what she looked like nude. It had nothing to do with wanting her; it had to do with curiosity as to what was hidden (which often isn't much), and did it look as good as what I could see.[/quote]

Jon-Marc, the problem is that while naturists have experienced both sides, textiles have almost always only experienced one side, kind of hard to make an objective and open comparison.
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