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We hear a lot of talk about harming children nowadays. Doesn't exposing them to nudity in the home (and elsewhere) give them a warped outlook on life?<P>Only Native and Permanent Residents may post here.

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Re: Beware the Repairman ! - You Have Been Warned

Postby Ramblinman » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:08 am

Jim wrote:Kidding aside, openness is our only way to avoid blackmail. Or we just need to seriously trust the one and only one who is trustworthy.

As a former government contractor in DC, I met other government contractors who were nudist.
They said that the FBI is well aware of our AANR membership and it is a non-issue.

When it comes to some churches and narrow-minded but beloved kinsfolk, I compare it to the woman who was "outed" as a thespian.
It was a fancied-up term for actress, but sounds a lot like deviant sexual behavior to those unacquainted with the term.

If you have the chance to tell some folks about Christian Naturism over a period of hours or days, many of them might agree to disagree or even join AANR.
But getting sucker punched with something they think they understand is not helpful to us or them.
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