Inciting lust in others

Are there any other issues that bother you about nudism / naturism not covered above? How can it be Christian? Other? Any question is acceptable, just keep the conversation courteous and respectful.<P>Only Residents and higher may post here.

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How do you cope with the possiblility of others lusting after you?

I may be attractive to someone but it is not my problem if they have dirty thoughts about me.
It's none of my business what other people think but I try to be careful about who I hang out with.
I am concerned about the possibility of others thinking of me in a sinful way so I am selective with the people I am around and try to be in tune with how people are regarding me.
To avoid inducing anyone to sin I wear ultra modest clothes and am only ever nude around those for whom lustful thoughts are least likely or is not a sin such as my own children who are accustomed to my nudity and my spouse.
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Postby natman » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:24 pm

Having grown up in a relatively open environment, helping mom prepare for breastfeeding and seeing her naked frequently as I helped her bathe the younger siblings while she herself was in the tub, and having nudist neighbors on one side of us and clothing optional neighbors on the other, I think I had a fairly healthy attitude about the bodies of the opposite sex. I cannot say that I ever fantasized about having sex with any woman, but I did find myself wondering what they looked like without their clothing. I still do that sometimes, and not just for "sexy" looking women, but for women in general, all ages, all shapes and all sizes.

I have always felt that sex was exclusively for marriage and could readily distinguish between simple nudity and sexual nudity or porn. While I have seen my share of porn while seeking out ways to sexuallly satisfy my ex-wife, I do not feel that I was particularly attractied to it.

Ironically, I have gone to a strip club twice in my life; both times in Las Vegas; once at the urging of my ex-wife and once while there on business with a business associate from work. Although I enjoyed the dancing (if you can call it that), in both cases I kept wondering, "does that person on stage know Jesus?". It seemed obvious to me that, although they were doing their things up on the stage, their minds were a million miles away. Come to find out, my son-inlaw's sister is a professional "dancer" who has the most beautiful daughter (apart from my own grandaughter of course), and that is EXACTLY what she does.

Probably, for me, the biggest difference was in that I have come to the point where I am not ashamed of my own nudity (for the most part) as I have learned that it is compatible with God's plan for us.
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Postby jochanaan » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:47 am

td, I have always been fascinated by nudity, and although I didn't grow up in a clothing-optional household, there were art books and National Geographic magazines around, so early on I knew the difference between non-erotic nude images and pornography. But for many years I thought my desire for nakedness and the sight of nakedness was a minor perversion, and I was afraid of "falling into lust." It took a long time to distinguish between real lust and my natural love of nudity; it wasn't until I started examining what the Bible said, and didn't say, about it that I realized there was nothing wrong with simple nakedness. 8)
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Postby Jon-Marc » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:50 am

In 1970 in California my wife and I saw an X rated show at a drive-in theater, and I thought it was rather boring. There wasn't any plot to it, and it wasn't anything I would call a movie. I wouldn't even say it was well produced.
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Postby baldguyseattle » Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:09 pm

I really can't control if anyone lusts after me or not. I am not aware of any lust towards me in a nudist setting. But I know that there are people who have lusted after me with clothes on. Besides women that I have dated, I remember when I worked for Starbucks, I had a big beefy male customer end up being way too friendly towards me. A gay co-worker told me that the guy was a "bear" and that if I were gay, I would have been considered a "bear" since I am a overweight, bald, hairy man. So, Fireman, you would be surprised, but someone has probably lusted after you, female or male.
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Postby Jon-Marc » Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:30 pm

I don't know if any women have lusted after me, but I know some guys have by the e-mails I've gotten. :oops:
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