Advocating Naturism

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Advocating Naturism

Postby RMOlson » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:49 pm

And interesting article on advocating naturism:
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Re: Advocating Naturism

Postby JimShedd112 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:30 am

Yes, he does a good job of pointing out nudists, like all others, should discuss a broad range of topics and ideas to show their life revolves around more than simply being or getting naked.

Jim Shedd
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Re: Advocating Naturism

Postby Englishman » Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:41 am

That is indeed an interesting article. I suppose anyone espousing naturism, or anything for which they have a particular passion, will want to bang on about it. My niece & nephew are Minecraft fans & will drone on about it, using words & phrases that meaningless to me. Adult hobbyists are just as bad & I have to own up to having the potential to be extremely boring about stuff that fascinates me.

The article's main thrust, that talking about nothing but being naked, can actually put off the curious is a point we should all be aware of; we naturists in particular as it is an issue frequently, & sometimes wilfully, misunderstood. However, some of the discussions I have most enjoyed & benefitted from on here have had nothing to do with getting one's kit off.

A final thought... Do we Christians sometimes come across as a single issue community? I think the answer is no, or at least it should be. If our faith does not move us beyond the confines of our churches & church communities, we are missing some of what being a Christian is about.
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