God's grace saved another sinner - me!

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God's grace saved another sinner - me!

Postby ronan1949 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:39 pm

New to the CNV and NC websites:

I was raised in a non-church home. Knew nothing about the bible and only heard of Jesus as a baby at Christmas. Early in my life science was my god. If mankind could answer all the right questions we would solve all the problems. When I decided the theory of evolution was not be possible that meant there had to be a creator or a god. I still had no idea who that god was. After graduating high school and before leaving for college I worked at a Christian radio station as an engineer. There for a few months I heard gospel programming and music. That was be beginning of knowledge for me about God and Jesus Christ. When I was in college my future wife invited me to attend church with her. July, 1969, in a small church I heard my first salvation message. I then knew who that God was: Jesus Christ. My first thought was God had allowed me to live longer enough to allow Jesus into my life. Of course through the years we had the ups and downs of living in a fallen world but at no time did God ever
forsake us.
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Re: God's grace saved another sinner - me!

Postby Petros » Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:11 pm

Besides the time scale, one major difference - I never assumed knowledge could understand everything or science solve everything. Lower expectations might be why it took me longer. Then again, if I had been the paleontologist in the family and my brother the linguist perhaps I would have reached your conclusion on evolution. As it is it took me longer to see that they like certain linguists solve their improbabilities by sweeping them under a longer time scale.
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