Randy the naturist?

Are you just curious about nudism / naturism? A new naturist? Been one a long time? You can tell us how & why you got started. Just a sentence or a paragraph is enough. You're not ready for naturism yet? That's OK, you can even say so here. New Comers please post here. ALL NUDIST COMMENTS WELCOME HERE!

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Randy the naturist?

Postby RMOlson » Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:48 pm

My parents were not naturist but they also were not ashamed of their bodies. When my brother and I would see them nude they wouldn't run and hide. They both reenforced the idea that the human body was magnificent. From an early age I enjoyed being nude even convincing my friends to stream through the house with me. I began sleeping nude sometime during puberty. As long as I can remember I loved skinny dipping and would do it often. At 16 I became a Christian, while not out right taught that nudity equaled sin it was implied. I began to hide my skinny dipping excursions and nude hikes,all the time trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why would I keep doing this thing that so many beloved was wrong.
Over time I decided that I would share my desire with my wife, some family and some close friends with the understanding that if you don't want to see it don't look. My wife and kids tolerate my nudity. Not so long ago I began to seek out what the Father actually thinks about nudity. I have looked at scripture to find that it is really never condemned or encouraged in an of itself. So now I am seeking out like minded people to continue my understanding.
I know that nudity in childhood helped me, I am hoping that my freedom and love for being nude can help my wife with some of her childhood issues with nudity and that I can teach my children to be body positive.
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