surprised I'm here.

Are you just curious about nudism / naturism? A new naturist? Been one a long time? You can tell us how & why you got started. Just a sentence or a paragraph is enough. You're not ready for naturism yet? That's OK, you can even say so here. New Comers please post here. ALL NUDIST COMMENTS WELCOME HERE!

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surprised I'm here.

Postby starmagic » Tue Mar 31, 2020 12:54 am

So, since I'm a new person, I figured I should post here too. :)

Anyway, I myself am not a naturist, though I can see why some people enjoy it. I grew up in a very body-shaming environment and being taught that nudity in any form was "wrong" and "sinful". I would like to one day overcome that shaming (enough to at least feel comfortable in a swimsuit), but I'm not sure if nudism is really for me. I enjoy art in all forms, and one of my favorite ways of expressing myself is through fashion and clothing. All my friends know me as a cutting-edge fashionister, making it surprising to anybody that I'd be here - but I'm willing to agree to disagree with those who aren't into fashion. :) My primary reason for coming here is actually because in spite of my love of fashion, I do think the body itself is a beautiful creation of God too. I'm also into drawing (and writing, painting, sewing, cooking, baking, music, dancing.... any form of art) and have done a few nude pieces, but whenever I work on them, I still feel a voice tugging at me thinking that it's "a sin" and feel guilty for it, despite the fact that I no longer believe I should feel that way. I've been doing some research but have yet to really talk to anybody about it, so I've read a few posts on here to see what kind of conversations go on here. Again, not sure if I'd ever do it myself, but I do find it intriguing and I'm willing to be a friend to anybody who's willing to be a friend to me. :)

Have a blessed day!
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Re: surprised I'm here.

Postby naturist » Sun Apr 19, 2020 2:42 am

Hey starmagic, a good place to start is to get hold of the book "Meeting at the River" by Pastor David Hatton. It is a great book. You can find it here:

I suggest you get both books, "Meeting at the River" and the sequel "Who said you were naked?" (actually it isn't a continuation of the story, but he refers to his first book throughout his second book). They're listed here for only $18 plus $3 shipping. Great deal!
There's more books I could suggest but I think this is a good introduction to what will address your concerns of whether social nudity is sinful?

On another note, Would God Command Isaiah to sin? He was commanded by God to go naked for 3 years. Obviously, he would have been nude in many public settings during that time. :)
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