Enjoy being nude.

Are you just curious about nudism / naturism? A new naturist? Been one a long time? You can tell us how & why you got started. Just a sentence or a paragraph is enough. You're not ready for naturism yet? That's OK, you can even say so here. New Comers please post here. ALL NUDIST COMMENTS WELCOME HERE!

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Re: Enjoy being nude.

Postby RedondoTan » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:26 pm

I suspect that most everyone is a nudist to some extent. I mean I'm a nudist because I love to go nude at home, in nature and with other nudist friends. But how about people who enjoy the feeling of taking a shower and for a while after drying off go without clothes? To me they are nudists in their own right. I have a friend I spend some weekends with, usually Saturdays, in the nude; we meet at his place, we take off our clothes with each other and we are "nudists." But how about someone who spends nude weekends in their backyard only alone, or takes a shower and walks out back for a while? :D
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Re: Enjoy being nude.

Postby OzTech » Sun Jun 09, 2019 11:32 am

I have considered the issue of being seen naked though publicly exposed windows and it occurs to me that a couple of things could make you non-visible.

Firstly we have shear curtains that are across the window at all times so we can see out during the day We then have drapes to cover up the windows at night when the light inside is greater than that outside. This seems to provide adequate privacy during the day.

An alternative would be to have tinted windows. During the day external light causes certain tinted windows to act as mirrors. At night tinted windows would allow people to see in... unless... that is... there was some source of light outside that was brighter than the light inside and then the tinted window should, again, act like a mirror and reflect that light. I think if I had tinted windows and the lighting for the room hanging from the eaves outside of the house (i.e. shining into the house from outside) it would be possible to leave the drapes open at night and still have sufficient privacy to wander around in whatever state of dress (or undress) we liked. Of course.... it might defeat the purpose since, with the external light on, you probably could not see outside at night anyway so you may as well have the drapes closed. It might extend the outside view longer during twilight (for those people who get twilight).

Ok... so it's a bit more of a technical solution to privacy but, hey, I'm a tech... and I reckon it be worth a try... sometime.
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