walking nude on public trails

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Re: walking nude on public trails

Postby Ramblinman » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:22 pm

Ramblinman wrote:dv8, it would be easy for a solitary hiker to be mistaken for an exhibitionist or worse:...

dv8 wrote:Too true. I have rarely attempted hiking nude while alone. Much more common is that I am hiking with my wife (clothed) or a friend (clothed or nude). In that case, hopefully we
could avoid the hog-tying! :shock:

Yeah, if it were a group of you, it seems reasonable to limit oneself to pepperspray since they are obviously not as dangerous as a solitary naked man. :biggrin:
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Re: walking nude on public trails

Postby varv » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:35 am

thomas wrote:hi,

our group (15 people, mostly families with children) walk in th nude on public trails in the moutains - we think that it's very confortable- our body us exposed to the sun und the nature-

sometimes we meet clothed people on the trails - the discussion is about the naturist way of live - we explain why we are naturist and excited the curiosity.
what do you think about this?

I already wrote. I have too little of like-minded people. And such walks for me the most favorite means of spending leisure time in the fresh air. And of course there are times when you have to enter into such dialogues. I understand one thing! If be open, then be open until the end of. My main weapon is a kind smile, and the desire to start, and sometimes translate the conversation into a peaceful channel. I first, just apologize, and say they are immediately removed from the review if I accidentally offend oncoming people. But, it rarely is. Basically there is a flurry of questions. Which I'm trying to be friendly about. Fortunately, the negative reaction is much less than positive emotions.
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