Skin Cancer - Sun - Cancer

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Re: Skin Cancer - Sun - Cancer

Postby naturaldon » Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:55 pm

Way to go, Mav! You beat me out for the first time this year (except around the house and in the garage)!!
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Re: Skin Cancer - Sun - Cancer

Postby MoNatureMan » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:01 am

This link was posted on another site on this issue.
Good info. Could also be used to introduce nudism to the textile world.

Ron :cross:
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Re: Skin Cancer - Sun - Cancer

Postby vycna » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:52 pm

Maverick wrote:
DaveT wrote:I really suspect diet and lifestyle has more to do with skin cancer than sun exposure. God's original dietary plan was what we would call 100% raw vegan. And would also have been nutrient dense or high brix for further modern description. Although many benefits of such a diet have been found, I don't know that anyone has really demonstrated the full extent of it's potential.

Dave, I'm not disagreeing with you on diet affecting skin cancer, but do you think that God would have designed our bodies not to need B12 (from animals and animal products) and then suddenly changed them to need B12 after the fall? The reason I ask is because vegans (and some vegetarians) have to take supplements to get the B12 they need.

Not to mention that there are many people who have given up on veganism because they were literally depriving and slowly killing themselves. I remember reading about one female blogger who quit for genuine health reasons and was berated, even verbally abused, by the vegan community. Not for me.

It was without processed foods and so it being the whole food, plant-based diet that they were having then. This was the healthiest way of eating that there can be. B12 is not produced by animals, it is from certain soil bacteria, animals had it from food they ate with being a bit dirty, and apparently vitamin B12 was from food that way that people had. Even with food cooked and the bacteria killed, the vitamin would still be there. Now, this healthiest diet is had with vitamin B12 supplements or a certain food fortified with it. And having enough sun provides for vitamin D.

naturaldon wrote:This might be totally off the wall so here I go... Perhaps our shortened years have nothing to do with nutrition but rather with sin itself bringing death upon us, that is, destroying us. God set our age (days) at 120 years to prevent utter, total, instantaneous annihilation that sin brings to human flesh. In other words, God had to intervene in order to keep his children from self-created extinction.

That's what sin does. It destroys. There's something very supernatural about it that affects the fiber of our very being. Sin is Satan's kool-aid, and there's nothing nutritional about that! Maybe it permanently changed humankind physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, and even sexually. It definitely did spiritually. So maybe, just maybe this has nothing to do with nutrition and soil composition, and sunlight. Sin simply destroys - it utterly destroys. And only God could handle it's limitations to the extent that He sent Jesus to die for our sins - to just get it over with once and for all, that is, to conquer the total affects of sin which were to destroy that which was holy and perfect from the beginning. Thank you Jesus.

Hey guys, don't get me wrong. I enjoy the discussion! Just adding a different perspective.

Sin overall contributes to the curse in this world, which comes from it. There are hazards from this, including to our and others health and longevity. Yet diet is involved, and that from the perfect will of God is the best with minimizing such hazards.

The 120 year limit was for the time remaining from when God instructed Noah until the flood would eliminate the rest of mankind then.
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