Naked Man in Georgia

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Re: Naked Man in Georgia

Postby Ramblinman » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:18 pm

naturaldon wrote:Good thoughts here. Just a reminder though: Any public nudity these days will land someone fighting for their dignity (and innocence, if indeed innocent), and almost certainly on a sex-offense registry (after possible jail time and high fines). In my day, streaking was popular and the consequences were usually nothing more than rolling of the eyes of a LEO or at worst, a ticket for disturbing the peace. Skinny dipping was the norm, mostly in natural settings. Now, zero tolerance is the unfortunate ace in the hole for intolerant someones who wish to report any questionable activity which they deem offensive. All of us here wish that it weren't so, but it is so and we must, as Christian men, not flaunt our prelapsarian views nor flirt with certain disaster.

I must disagree on a couple of points you made.
Being naked while bathing out of sight of the trail is an entirely different matter. I would gladly go to court if any ranger should be foolish enough to press charges in that situation. In fact, the park service at Cumberland Island has an open air shower right on the trail a few yards from a designated wilderness camp site. Nudity is expected as part of the wilderness experience there.

Mixed nudity is frowned upon in some Christian circles, but I have showered naked with my male church classmates and even our pastor at our summer spiritual retreat. And this was a very conservative church in terms of doctrine.

The modern church needs to know sound doctrine regarding the worth of the human body as God's handiwork, and needs to know the historic role of nudity within Christendom: nudity at public baths in Roman times, nude fishermen, nude farm workers, nude bathing in the Jewish Mikvah, nudity in church art, mixed nude bathing in England up to the end of the Renaissance and more recent times on the Continent, and most importantly mandatory nudity of candidates for baptism (including adult men and women) in plain view of the entire congregation. And even in prudish America, nude swimming for boys at many public schools and the YMCA. And Christians should know of Christian outreach to the nudist community by those willing to shed their garments to meet nudists on their own turf and thus share the love of Jesus. A lot has been made of the verses that counsel against being a stumbling block by tempting weak Christians with our freedom, but the Apostle Paul was just as public in his insistence that weak Christians hear sound doctrine and thereby grow into maturity in Christ. We sin against God if we choose perpetual silence about the doctrine of the body. Of course we must be wise in our approach, but total silence? God forbid!
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Re: Naked Man in Georgia

Postby MoNatureMan » Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:57 am

Just going thru some old posts and found this one and wondered.
What if the woman had come across another woman hiking naked?
Or a couple hiking naked?
Or even a family with children hiking naked?
What would have been her reaction then?
Would any or all of those been more/less offensive?
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