Puzzled about the prohibition of mentioning naturism

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Puzzled about the prohibition of mentioning naturism

Postby Agapulo » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:37 pm

I'm a bit puzzled as to why any mention of nudity or naturism is prohibited in some fora here. It's not that I don't understand the explanations. Rather, I'm having trouble seeing that the situation that the explanations address would ever actually arise. After all, if somebody's interested in a general Christian forum, and would be offended by a mention of these topics, why would they be visiting a site with "Naturist" right in the name? It seems to me that you could safely assume that anybody here is expecting to see postings that are related to the name of the very site! If it were a generic Christian Web site, it would be another matter, but it's not.

Not trying to be cantankerous or anything of the sort. I just don't get it, and thought I'd ask.
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Re: Puzzled about the prohibition of mentioning naturism

Postby naturaldon » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:11 pm

Perhaps I'm not understanding your concern but mention of naturism, nakedness, nudity, clothing optional, prelapsarian, etc. are just fine on this website. The exception is the strip about telling your faith journey which is fine by me since naturism has nothing to do with being a follower of Jesus, and should not be used as a reason or crutch or what have you. Faith alone in Jesus is all that is required and that, I think, is what that strip is intended for.

The Bible discussions and studies we engage in here often do not mention naturism but more often than not, do. Naturism is the norm here. If someone seeking a general Christian forum lands here, you are right in that they found it with Naturist in the title. It's on them, but I think they'd enjoy the fellowship of Christians who gather here, naturist or not.

But as for restrictions, there are none that I'm aware of, excepting the above. As it is, I counted 11 strips here with some form of nude reference in the main titles alone. The ensuing discussions are packed full of words associated with nudity; as well as on other strips which have a title not referencing nudity at all. Like I said, it's the norm here.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Puzzled about the prohibition of mentioning naturism

Postby Ramblinman » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:40 pm

I think the concern was for the sensibilities of those who, while being curious about the intersection of naturism and the Christian faith, might still be uncomfortable with frank discussions about nudity, even of the most chaste sort.

Perhaps the founders were overly concerned with the apprehension of a few visitors, but it was done with the best of intentions.
I can see how someone might be puzzled that a naturist site set limits on how much could be discussed in the introductory portions of the forum.
I don't think such discussions are at present so rigorously enforced as in the early years of this village. Recently, if the topic in a "Hello I am New Here" discussion drifts toward naturism, it is simply moved to another area of the site, certainly not deleted.

By the way, I do see a strong connection between the values that underlie naturism and the Christian faith.
Values such as: reverence for God as our creator and reverence toward our body and those of others as sacred vessels of the Holy Spirit, so sacred that a state of nudity can be interpreted as a time when we set aside our worldly riches, set aside anything man-made. In other words, using nudity as a testimony to the sole sufficiency of this body God provided to house our spirits.
Nudist culture is egalitarian, much as early Christianity worked to erase class distinctions, emphasizing our oneness in Christ.
Nudists raise their children to avoid the twin evils of prurient interest in hidden body parts and avoid regarding nudity as shameful, no matter our age, race, gender or infirmity.
Nudists gather, especially in summer, to create an impromptu community, fostering friendships based on character rather than social status or outward appearance.
And history teaches us that in many Roman towns, people from all walks of life, came together (men and women) to bathe and socialize nude in the public baths, including Christians.
Nudity was mandatory for candidates for baptism as well. This practice went on for centuries and served to illustrate the fact that our salvation is solely the work of Jesus Christ, not from anything we bring with us from our former life. In short, baptism was a very literal re-enactment of our birth: emerging naked from the waters of life, hiding nothing from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

So, as I see it, what we now call naturism, was simply part of our Christian world view and should never have been separated from Christian living.
We seek to restore a right understanding about the body and nudity to our Christian walk.
Naturist values can no more be separated from Christian values than any other doctrine.

If there is a sticking point, an area of intense discussion, it is in the application of naturism rather than the belief system behind it.
We may express those beliefs in different ways, depending upon our circumstances.

A few things to consider:
Should I visit just any place where social nudity is encouraged? Not necessarily. Depends upon what is available near your house and what your family budget is.
Generally an AANR-affiliated venue is wholesome, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Should I visit without my wife or children present? Probably not the best plan, but you need to pray about this.

Secret Naturism? Living a double life as a closet naturist tends to turn out badly, but that doesn't mean that naturism is something to be ashamed of, nor to be silent about.

Naturism may be expressed simply as a way of looking at life with no outward manifestation other than a mysterious smile you are at a loss to explain. :)

It may involve sunning in a private corner of one's back yard. This activity is not confined to the naturist community, many people see the benefit.

Naturism may involve your whole family in a fenced back yard pool. This too violates no laws, apart from custody restrictions in blended families.
But if no one sees your family, it is like a tree falling in a wilderness, a non-event.

Or you may invite like-minded friends to join you at that pool. That is definitely a strong step toward naturism, but also enjoyed by people who are better described as intermittent skinny dippers, not necessarily card-carrying nudists or naturists.

Naturism may involve membership in AANR and The Naturist Society and participation in member resorts.

None of these things are sinful or beneficial in all circumstances.
It is a matter for prayer.
In general, it is a good thing and a source of much happiness, comfort and a sense of connection with God and nature and a positive force in family life.
Ask the Lord if this is something you need and if so, what level of participation is right for you and your family.
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