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Membership Levels

Postby SiteAdmin » Sun May 21, 2006 12:37 pm

It is not necessary to be a nudist, naturist, or a Christian, to be a member of this site. It is necessary to adhere to the Terms of Service (TOS).

Guest: May read all of the general information forums, but are not able to post or reply to posts, and may view one introductory photo album.

New Comer: May only post in the Welcome Center forums and a few select others, and read all the forum posts. After you post your personal introduction, you may post in other New Member forums. In order for teens to post in the Teens Forum they must send a PM or e-mail to SiteAdmin requesting that permission. Please state your age in that PM. It will be kept strictly confidential.

Resident: May read all the forum posts, and may ask questions and post in several of the general forums. May view from three to five specified photo albums. May upload a personal avatar approved by the Site Administrator.

Permanent Resident: May post in more of the general forums, and has access to more of the photo albums. May upload photos for a personal album.

Native Resident: Receives access for posting in all the public forums, and may access all the photo albums.

Requirements for achieving membership status:

New Comer: (0-9 posts) Must first post in the "Please Introduce Yourself" forum and other introductory forums. Becomes a Resident after a total of ten (10) posts.

Resident Level: (10-24 posts)Must complete the posts of a personal statement of their faith journey, and must post a personal testimonial of how they came to naturism (or chose not to). Must agree to abide by the TOS. Must gain approval from the Site Administrator for posting a personal avatar.

Permanent Resident Level: (25-49 posts)Must have posted a total of 25 times in different forums, manifesting courtesy and respect, and an ability to abide by the TOS. Must agree with the Core Values and all Guidelines for Posting, in the forums and membership photo albums. Must gain approval from the Site Administrator before posting a personal photo album.

Native Resident Level: (50-plus posts) Must have posted a total of 50 times in different forums, demonstrating a commitment to the growth and development of this community.
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