How come we haven't seen THIS in the news?

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How come we haven't seen THIS in the news?

Postby natman » Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:01 am

How come we haven't seen THIS in the news? ...

Jerry Miel is a radio engineer who served as a missionary in Haiti with World Team mission. Following is his report of what is
taking place in Haiti. The YouTube clip is such a testimony to the mercy and love of God.

About 3 days ago the Haitian President announced that there would be 3 days of holiday from work for the purpose of fasting
and prayer. This is absolutely historic. Remember, it was only about 6 years ago that a former Haitian president called the
nation to come together to rededicate the nation to Satan.

This was not "a minute of silence for the deceased" or something as equally insignificant. Whatever the President might have
originally intended, this became a real commitment for the Haitian people.

The sounds of Christian music and worship filled the air everywhere. There was NO traffic. Port-au-Prince streets
are always clogged and overflowing with bumper to bumper traffic. This morning there were only a few vehicles on the roads, a few
small buses (tap taps), some UN and military vehicles, and a few private cars. We had clear sailing through town. The same was
true of foot traffic. Usually the streets are clogged also with people walking. Today there were only a few and many of them
dressed for church. The only place that there were traffic blocks was in front of several churches where the congregations had
overflowed the buildings and the yards and had moved out into the streets as well.

The next observation was that EVERYTHING was closed! We could not find even one business or gas station open. There were
no intercity buses running. Whereas the sidewalks are usually overflowing with millions of street venders, we only saw a few here
and there. The huge outdoor market near the wharf where thousands work each day and is spread out to cover most of the
street, was EMPTY.

Where were all the people? They were in churches and makeshift meeting sites. Every church (except a JW church) had services
going on, almost always overflowing into the streets. Beside broken down churches, services were taking place outside. In
homeless camps, there were services. Everywhere the nation was gathered to worship and pray. No, I did not see any voodoo,
Islamic, or Buddhist services. This scene was repeated in every town and hamlet that we passed during the day.
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Re: How come we haven't seen THIS in the news?

Postby jochanaan » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:36 pm

Of course this is huge to us, and to God! :D But there's no blood, no gore, no apocalyptic city-collapse, no Tiger Woods-like hint of massive promiscuity--all the stuff that sells papers to us morbidly perverse folks who love to say "God, I'm glad I'm not like that!" even though God Himself says we are all like that--so OF COURSE it's neither "covered" nor "exposed" in the big corporate media. :roll:
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