Could a "Christian Naturist Society" be formed

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Re: Could a "Christian Naturist Society" be formed

Postby Ramblinman » Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:46 pm

jochanaan wrote:
Bare_Truth wrote:...Since the first adjective in its title is Christian then it is necessary to define those characteristics...
Good luck with that! Such a definite definition has eluded Christian society for nearly 2000 years. The moment we think we've come up with a good definition, we discover that it has unintended consequences--as this strip shows.

"Judging by fruit" has the advantage that the "wolves" soon show themselves in their true fur. Any attempt to keep out potential wolves (at least in my experience) also denies membership to some "sheep in sheep's clothing".

Yet another hypothetical argument with no basis in Christian naturist reality.
A Christian Naturist Gathering or convocation is different from joining a denomination. It is more like those joint Christmas tree lightings or prayer breakfasts that many small towns hold...not a call to doctrinal conformity, but an invitation to meet and worship the Lord in those areas where we can agree and they are many.

I don't think you are refusing fellowship with Methodists or Presbyterians on the grounds that you are a Sabbatarian Baptist. Nor has CNC nor its predecessor imposed any beliefs about the day of worship on Sabbatarians.
These gatherings have been wonderful: camping, swimming, getting to know one another, doctrine was simply not a subject that came up.
The resort rules require that all of us conform to naturist etiquette and even at our worst first year, the overwhelming majority of us could agree on abiding by a few simple rules that every naturist in America complies with every time they visit a resort or campground.
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