On Abortion

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Re: On Abortion

Postby MoNatureMan » Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:57 am

A friend of mine had an abortion years ago.
When wife and I were over at their house one evening she shared.
She explained that she still feels the guilt and sometimes the only thing that gets her thru is knowing her child is in Heaven and has forgiven her.
As she continued her husband would add details.
Every year at the time of the abortion her body would go into a time of sadness. It would happen again at the time her child would have been born.
Her husband added that sometimes there would be something wrong and she could not understand. He would tell her to look at the date. Then she would understand, it was the time of year when her baby died.
They have had 2 children now which helps.
She also found working at pro-life clinics helps, so she can help other to not make the same mistake she did.
She told us we could share her story, but, I will not give her name.
There is also much more to her story, but will leave it at that.
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Re: On Abortion

Postby Petros » Mon Jan 04, 2021 7:30 am

Ay de mi.

I know when the VERY dear friend had the abortion which depressed her very close to death - her marriage to a good man saved her, I could not. We are out of touch, so I do not know if there are anniversary lows for her.

But Herself, pregnant in a marriage just as wrong as mine, had an abortion which left her with regrets and pains - as you say, trusting the child is with the Lord does ease it some. I do not know - I do not press her for details - what time of year it was - but every Autumn she has a low that might be her father's early death, might be SAD - or might well be the anniversary.
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Re: On Abortion

Postby Jewing » Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:49 pm

Naturaldon, I commend you for brining up a tough topic. If we do not discuss then we can't move anyone toward change. That being said, the argument as Jim said is not persuasive. But we must ask what will change this. I agree abortion is murder from both a biblical perspective and just personal conviction. However, we must reach the hearts of those who seek abortion as logic and ration will fail to persuade as they generate their own to justify it. What we have to address is the bigger issues in our society that lead to abortion being considered acceptable. Our society has moved toward a self-centeredness, concerned more of being inconvenienced than considering what is right. It is our movement away from God. So, I believe the bigger discussion needs to be how we move back to being God focused. The church as a whole relinguished any ability to drive change by in some cases withdrawing and relinquishing any influence by either trying to avoid being labeled as intolerant and judgmental or conceding moral authority in the way we approached people or conducted ourselves. So, the bigger question, how do we restore the influence and authority of the church (and ourselves as Christians) in a way glorifying our God and reaching hearts to move individuals toward a deep and personal relationship with God. It begins with humility, vulnerabilty (no facades of false holiness), recognizing our own brokenness and need of Godly restoration. The work is His, the willingness must be ours.
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Re: On Abortion

Postby naturaldon » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:03 pm

Thanks for reading, everyone. My article at the beginning of this strip is a personal apologetic meant only to defend the Biblical stand against the horror of abortion. If it persuades some (or not), fine. If it is illogical (or logical), fine too. Theological study may or may not persuade (even Paul didn't persuade everyone, and I'm no Paul!), may or may not be logical, but it should always be Biblical, as is my desire here, where I only seek to show that abortion is mentioned in the Bible and it is a sinful, ghastly horror - murder against the defenseless (in my opinion, based on my understanding of Scripture).

Glad to read your responses and hope to exchange another complicated subject soon, like transgenderism perhaps, or another letter of the alphabet??
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