Any positive stories?

Are there any other issues that bother you about nudism / naturism not covered above? How can it be Christian? Other? Any question is acceptable, just keep the conversation courteous and respectful.<P>Only Residents and higher may post here.

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Any positive stories?

Postby justthinking » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:03 pm

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't written many times, especially the last year. It has been a pretty trying year for my family and really for me personally ever since we have tried to think differently about nudity.

As I was talking with someone this week, he suggested that I ask if there have been any positive kinds of stories of people who have changed their beliefs midstream. It seems that as I think of what this means for our family, the experience that we have with family and the heartache of feeling like I have lost respect and connection with my family, and then hearing of other's experiences really makes me wonder if this is just the fate of this lifestlye. And so the fear continues as I wonder about our often will we have to leave a church if it gets out. What will it be like when our kids find a future mate who might be raised differently...will we find more heartache down the road over this?

I never, ever had this kind of worry before. I never had to wonder if there was something in my lifestyle that would bring condemnation to my kids or my husband or me. I never had to feel like I was hiding something from people.

I've been trying to work through this and let go of some of these fears - but they seem overwhelming at times.


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Postby Desert Hiker » Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:25 am

I thank you for addressing this subject. And I do believe if you scan over the entirety of this forum, and others, you will undoubtedly find many positive, and uplifting stories about naturism. There are many stories of families living happily as naturists, with peace among their neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers who understand, join in, or tolerate the family's casual approach to nudity. This is not to say that all is milk and honey in the promised land--Many of us have experienced some level of persecution over our beliefs.

Not everyone in any given social group is going to be able to agree with a new notion, idea, or belief structure that does not align with their own. Most people are resistant to change, and especially change to their religious beliefs. For generations it has been ingrained in our heads by many of our churches that nudity is sinfully shameful. That men are virtually incapable of viewing the naked form of a female without going mad with lust. That women who go naked in front of men are just looking for trouble, and are thought to be 'loose' women. And lastly, that children allowed to play naked will be corrupted, and their innocence lost.

Of course, we know that these assumptions, that are so widely perpetuated by the churches, are simply untrue. We have demonstrated this in our own lives, and are living testimonies to the many benefits of living life free from the shame typically associated with nudity. Many of us have felt compelled to tell as many of our brethren as we can, of our new found freedom from this shame, and are disappointed, and dismayed when we are met with doubt, rebuke, and ridicule.

Quite simply, not all will eagerly greet this news from you. Many will believe that you have fallen from grace, and will offer to pray for your "redemption", and deliverance from your "sinful ways". Others will see this as something that is "okay for you, but not something they could do themselves." Still others, will admit to skinny dipping once or twice, but little more. And some will be just like you--naturists who love and serve Christ. It is difficult to tell where someone stands on this issue, until you fish around a bit, and find out.

In our own experience, we have seen all of the above; Most people are quite tolerant of our natural ways, and don't hardly bat an eye at the sight of us in our unclad state. Still others are less tolerant, and insist we be dressed for their visits--they know and understand as best as they can about why we are the way we are, but just can't bring themselves to accept it enough to be able to see us naked. And a few people we have met over the years have gone quite loopy at learning of us being naturists. So, as a result, we have developed a sort of sixth sense at being able to pick out people that we may confess this to, because not everyone is going to rejoice at learning you like to walk about in your birthday suit.

The church we currently attend is quite tolerant of us, and our natural ways. We have not exactly made announcements from the podium, mind you, but we have not strained to keep it a deep and dark secret either. so far, we have been met with understanding and tolerance, and not been rebuked by anyone. I have even made it a habit to attend church barefooted, and have often responded to queries about that with an admission of my disdain for shoes and clothes. They often respond with chuckles, nods of approval, and comments of understanding. The church we attended before this was not quite so understanding, so we thank God for allowing us to fellowship with believers such as these.

Our family, on both sides has been a real blessing over the years. Most know of us as naturists, and accept it without trying to pass judgment on us--even if they do not approve. We are still warmly greeted at family reunions, and such without incident. Some have even joined in, and gotten naked with us during visits. Most recently I made some naked snow angels with my nephew, while visiting him, at my parents house in Montana. My parents have mixed feelings about our nudity, but have been mostly tolerant--and have even gone nude with us in a hot tub a few times, but they still refrain from fully embracing naturism, and in all honesty would like us to give it up too.

In short, nudity is not something everyone can accept, or tolerate. And as Christians, we should always be mindful of this fact, and not always insist on exercising our freedoms in Christ, such as this, in their presence, or persist in beleaguering our arguments to them. Instead, let them come around in their own time, and allow the time needed for the Holy Spirit to work in them. Ultimately, we must realize that this is not a salvational issue, and not beat them over the head with it as such.

In any case, I pray that you will find a way to see peace restored to your family, and other social circles.
Peace In Christ, Sam

Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart...--Job
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Any positive stories?

Postby daveofnrr » Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:01 pm

Desert hiker, I really enjoyed your post. My wife and I are still very new to naturism and have many of the concerns expressed by JT. I found you words very reassuring.

Thanks, David.
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