Supporting the village

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Supporting the village

Postby Dave » Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:43 am

As some of you may have noticed the village has been experiencing some outages lately. The hosting provider has stated that the village is consuming an unusual amount of resources on the shared server it uses and they disabled CNV for a time. We were able to convince them to turn CNV back on and they've given us 14 days to either collect the additional fees they are demanding or move the village to another server.

Neither of those options can happen without your support. This is a community and we need everyone to help keep it alive and well. Your support, small or large, will enable us to continue to deliver CNV.

Please consider making a donation today so the village isn't forced to close.

Thank you and God bless.
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Postby Webmaster » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:30 am

Since Dave made the post about donations, several people have asked what expenses are involved with the cost of the site and what donations are received towards that end.

Please do not misunderstand this as bragging, it is not my intention, I'm simply giving you the facts.

Since CNVillage began I have paid the cost of the hosting and initial set up fees. Annually the site costs $180 for the hosting online, and while that may not seem like a large amount, it does cut into my personal budget. The current hosting company is now requiring an additional $50 a year, saying that our CPU usage is higher than it should it. I won't go into the details of that, but I disagree with them on it. There is also an additional, one time fee of $20 for keeping the site going (after the 14 days mentioned above.)

As for advertising, most of it is done through banner exchange and "word of mouth" so there hasn't been any cost to that so far.

To date, including donations made since the site started, we have received $35 in all.

I am not one for asking for donations, other than simple notes here and there, but if each member that was able to could provide $5 towards the expense, it would be a great deal of help. The staff is volunteer (myself included) and I would like to see if there could be some way to compensate them for their time put in on the site.

We have wanted to get a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status, but the cost has been too great for us at this time.

I often worry that people will think I pocketing any donations given, and to that end I would be glad to have anyone who is will and qualified to oversee the "bookkeeping" for the site.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to email or PM me at any time.

Thank you,

I am the webmaster. I maintain the site and take care of upgrades.
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