Social Nudism and the Reluctant Spouse

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Social Nudism and the Reluctant Spouse

Postby Bare_Truth » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:52 pm

As a married Christian man, I must ever be careful to protect the sanctity, security and stability of our marriage! Having said that for starters, as a Naturist who has only been active in that pursuit for about 4 years now, I am finding statements of others (on this web site et al.) to the effect that moving from just private nudism to social nudism is a large, beneficial, and profound step. The potential for conflict should be obvious.

I have a wife who is a tolerant, (maybe I could even say supportive) reluctant spouse. I would say her primary source of reluctance is a stifling case of body shame. I am wondering what the possible ways forward might be for her and myself.

I would really like to hear from the ladies on this topic, so Guys if you know any of the ladies (e.g. wives et al.) please encourage them to post on this one.

Some have advised me not to go to social nudist venues without her. In truth I really would not want to if there was any other way to experience social nudism. And I am inclined to believe that advice as I prefer her accompaniment in almost all social situations, (she helps me not to be such a social klutz :roll: ).

The only common venues that I have even considered if I were to go solo would be either a resort or gathering with strong classical moral outlook (assuming that an unaccompanied male can even get in). Or possibly a "home meeting" of a non-landed club.

But there is one other "off the wall"/"outside the box" idea that has crossed my mind. That would be based on the 20 acres with pond field woods and woodland trails that we own. The thought has occurred to me, that given her outlook and her attitude toward my nudist use of our land, that it might be possible to invite some "camping oriented" reliable naturist(s) to come for a visit. Sort of a bring the social nudism to us rather than go seek it elsewhere. It obviously solves the "unaccompanied male" and "nude only - no CO" problems. Also, she would feel more comfortable being "on her own turf". My sense of her outlook on naturism is that she sees nothing morally wrong with it, she just cannot bring herself to do it.

Ok the floor is now open for comments, advice, opinions, and hare-brained schemes. Give me some feed back please, and Please, ladies your comments wll be especially valued, because guys just don't always see things the way you gals do (ya think?!! :duh:)
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Re: Social Nudism and the Reluctant Spouse

Postby natman » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:06 pm

It sounds like a reasonable plan.

I might recommend that you insist that your first few visitors remain clothed so that your wife can get to know them personally first. Then when she is comfortable with them as "friends", ask her if it is okay to move forward to possible clothing-optional camping or other activities.
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