Au Naturel - Al Fresco

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Au Naturel - Al Fresco

Postby Bare_Truth » Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:22 pm

Our house came with a deck on the west, (back) side of the house which wraps around the south end. My wife and I were not using it much until 2 years ago when we got a patio table and started having some breakfasts out there. We got out of the habit last year but this year I decided to reinstate the practice. However I added something else. I waited until warmer weather (not a long wait this year given the heat and drought) and one morning I announced that I was planning on breakfast al fresco. In the last two years I have been getting up and fixing breakfast nude. My being nude has become customary and very natural with us in spite of the fact that my wife is too massively inhibited to be nude. While she cannot overcome her indoctrination, she is entirely accepting of my preference at least so long as it remains private. So nude on the back deck for breakfast was no problem.

After several breakfasts on the back deck, it was obvious that there was a problem. The view from the back deck is not at all the best we have. So I moved the table to the corner where the deck wraps around the end of the house. From there we have a much better view. We can see everything we saw before plus the view includes the pond, our fruit trees, our main garden, all of the side yard and part of the road.

The road is screened in part by one of our bamboo groves, but not completely yet. So anyone driving or walking by would be able to see us breakfasting on the deck from a distance of about 50 yards. For best view I placed the table at a 45 degree angle to the L shaped lines of the deck. The house being at an angle to the road leaves my back mostly toward the road. My patio chair draped with my towel combined with the deck railing blocking part of the view; it would require someone on the road to use binoculars to even have a chance to see that I was fully nude. Only my shoulders would be obvious.

Nevertheless, this was an important incremental step. My wife had great concerns that my naturism might become know at large. With the gradual move towards my naturism becoming routine with things like the gradual move to the best view off our deck she is becoming more comfortable with my naturism, and she is quite comfortable with the present arrangement.

So sitting on the deck sipping coffee enjoying breakfast with a view while I am naked has become normal for us. Now I am wondering what happens if I put a hot tub out there ...??? I wonder if I could come up with a reason to get a hot tub large enough for at least 4 ... ???
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Re: Au Naturel - Al Fresco

Postby natman » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:29 pm

Bare_Truth wrote:So sitting on the deck sipping coffee enjoying breakfast with a view while I am naked has become normal for us. Now I am wondering what happens if I put a hot tub out there ...??? I wonder if I could come up with a reason to get a hot tub large enough for at least 4 ... ???

I am surprised that you didn't have one already.

I would recommend one that can handle eight people. Then, even if it is ever only the two of you, there is a wide variety of jets and levels.

When we bought our hot tub, the vendor told us that the least amount of clothing you can have in it, the better and easier it is to maintain the water chemistry. That was all it took for my wife to join me in skinny dipping and she hasn't gone back to soaking in a soggy suit yet (seven years now), except when we have company. We notice that the water is always clear when we get out after skinny dipping, however, it is always cloudy when we have company over.

Needless to say, it is a good way to transition your wife into skinny dipping. After a while, she will get to the point where she is comfortable walking from inside, to the tub and back in the nude or with a towel to wrap around herself before and after she gets in or out.
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Re: Au Naturel - Al Fresco

Postby JimShedd112 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:00 pm

Congratulations Bare_truth. I see your wife's comfort with your nudity as very positive. Hopegfully Natman's suggestion about the hot tub will lead to your wife joining you there, clothes-free. Who knows, maybe she'll even begin to join you in the nude for breakfast if she finds skinny dipping to be a great experience.

Best of luck. I'm sure I'll never succeed on any level with getting my wife to join me in nudism. Even when sleeping she MUST wear clothing, including panties at all times except in the shower or for intimacy before getting dressed again.

Funny, she has always felt free to go braless at home while staying covered otherwise. She is not "well endowed" so that is definitely not a factor with wanting not to wear a bra at home, even in the presence of visitors in most instances.

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Re: Au Naturel - Al Fresco

Postby Johannes_1965 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:56 pm

It seems you work patiently on the full realization of your avatar picture. Good luck for the next step!
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