Be Wary of Wolves in Sheep Clothing

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Be Wary of Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Postby SiteAdmin » Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:05 am

During the past week two different members of CNV have been brought to my attention that are likely masquerading under false pretenses. My first reaction was, "How can it be? We're a new site, and still quite small." But then our WM informed the staff that we are now receiving in the range of 1,000 hits daily from Guests from all over the world, and as you know, new members are joining nearly every day.

One member had solicited via IM, sexualized webcam activities from one of our members.

Another member has been reported to a central website reporting agency as preying on unsuspecting, needy women.

Neither of these members have posted offensive messages on this site, and neither has violated the letter of the law regarding our TOS (although the IM solicitation may be construed as a tacit violation.)

WM has consulted with an attorney, and staff is still discussing this issue. But we feel it is imperative that the entire CNV membership is made aware of the possibility that unseemly things could happen if you are not aware and awake.

This is a site dedicated to God's glory, good fellowship, witnessing to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the beauty of non-sexualized nudity. Let's be awake, aware, and keep it that way.

Please report any concern at all to the SA, or use the Report Post feature to alert all staff.

(Post amended Oct. 1, 2006 @ 1:05 PM.)

TOS amended to add a new #7 and a #12.

TOS #7 wrote:7. You may not use this site, or information gleaned from this site, to solicit the attention of others for sexual or personal, perverted purposes which are contrary to our Core Values. Any member who receives such a solicitation is advised to immediately contact the SiteAdmin or staff for appropriate disciplinary action.

TOS #12 wrote:12. These TOS may be amended in any form at any time without notification of the membership.
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