Whale seas Jesus...

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Whale seas Jesus...

Postby Whale » Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:33 pm

In the beginning, as a child, I was taken to and dropped off at various churches. This occurred about twice a year. It was mostly Sunday School and, to be more specific, lots of stories that were not reliable according to the word of God were told. Salvation messages were non-existent.
Years later I joined the military at age 17 and a half for that ever so popular war. During that time when state-side, I went to church with a Staff Sargent named Huddleson. Still, no salvation message was heard by me and the name JESUS was absent from the sermons we had attended.
Upon leaving the Army I purchased a 6 (that is correct) a six cylinder Honda motorcycle and started riding. After work, near midnight, I was passing through a section of wooded road with a 8 foot bank on the right side. Three days later after waking from a coma, I found out that a large buck had jumped from that very bank and landed on the handle bars of the motorcycle. I, also, had made the local, state and world news. The deer died, and now you will be amazed at what happened next.
I awoke from the coma (3 days Later) knowing that there was a GOD. I had heard a voice saying that HE was with me, not to be afraid, and that I would be healed. From what you ask? A very ruptured spleen and too much more to mention.
The doctors had images of my spleen and were going to operate. But wait, I was moving around and starting to get out of the bed. So, with much reluctance they injected more dye and re-imaged the damaged spleen. The two images were different. There was no trace of any damage. It was NEW, and GOD had introduced HIMSELF. I began reading the Bible, and I learned that JESUS, the second Adam, was HIS SON who walked in the flesh and came to redeem the fallen through salvation, to heal the sick and so much more that all the books written could not contain the wonders HE has yet to share.
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Re: Whale seas Jesus...

Postby Petros » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:38 am

That is one whale of a tale. Literally mArvelous.

But ... "seas Jesus"? We did not have enough punsters till now?
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Re: Whale seas Jesus...

Postby nudie66 » Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:55 am

An amazing testimony, Whale! I love it when doctors see proof of God's miracles.

And welcome from South Jersey!
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