Christian Naturist Dating

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Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Bare_Truth » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:48 am

Genesis 2:24
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
Just the other day, it suddenly came to me that subject of this strip is an aspect of Christian Naturism that I have not seen directly discussed. Christianity is a subculture and naturism is a subculture, and the overlap of them is even smaller yet. This is the only website where I would feel comfortable posting this topic because as a committed Christian, I would not be all that interested in comments that do not place a very high value on the Christian aspects of the topic.

Yes! I do know that one can date for the sake of social connectedness, but seriously, the key underlying impetus for what is called dating is the process of finding a mate, and the right kind of compatible mate for any and all the reasons that having a mate supports.

In light of the foregoing I am curious about how Christian Naturist Dating is different from other dating. I may be 70 years old, but I have a long and detailed memory, and for something so powerful as all that one experiences in dating I am not sure what the differences are. I only ever dated as a textile, so in part I suppose that one could say a lot about Christian Naturist Dating by saying what it is not!

As memory servers me, one of the really big things was that when I dated, a large issue was just trying to find out what a woman was. I barely (no pun alas) dated in high school, 2 or 3 occasions that could be called dates maximum. So for me dating was a college thing and I was well away from home by then. If I had been raised naturist, I would at least have known what a woman was physically more than just text book physiological data, and psychologically even less (only if "less" is spelled in all upper case). But once I did dabble in dating, I definitely remember the powerful drives that were coming into play. Of course being a "non-group oriented personality" probably did not help anything all that much either.

So perhaps that "personal preamble" will explain why I find the concept of "Christian Naturist Dating" as a topic I do not fully understand. Naive as I was, it is a wonder that it worked out as well as it did. Also while raised in a "nominal Christian and textile environment" I was not yet drawn to really being Christian, but at least did have and effective commitment of "no 'sex' before marriage".

So getting to the nuts and bolts of the topic: What is the of dating when one is both Christian and Naturist?

I was looking at the "Young Naturists of America" and today's social structure for their target age group is very different from what I was at that age, compounded by the fact that "Christian" may be non existent or very weak in our society today. So what Ideally is the dating scene to be like for today's Christian Naturists? What special differences are there likely to be? And how does one deal with the slim pickings issue given that even mentioning in a church setting that one is a naturist is likely to be like dropping a live hand grenade in a barrel of gasoline. There are not all that many Naturist venues where a young person (or older?) could go and look for a potential naturist mate. (I think Pagan might even be easier).

I think that this topic could lead to a lot of rabbit trails, and probably benefit from some of those as long as it does not get bogged down in any one of them. I think this is a topic would really benefit from comments from the distaff side, but realistically I do not expect that there will be even if all us guys promise to esteem them highly.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Ramblinman » Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:40 pm

Bare_Truth wrote:...So getting to the nuts and bolts of the topic: What is the of dating when one is both Christian and Naturist?

I'll jump in...
You may be overthinking this issue.
I am single and have been naturist for 15 years, skinny dipping solo and sometimes with buddies or even a lady friend for longer. I have been a Christian since age 14.
I have not used the nudist web sites for dating.
I saw some Christians on those sites, but too often they were so far away that courtship was not realistic with my budget.
However, I am actually fairly optimistic about my prospects.
It was mostly women over a period of several years who encouraged me to try social nudity and three of them were not certified AANR-member resort-going nudists. They just thought it was a great way to live and were willing to participate.
I meet Christians at nudist camp on almost every visit.
I meet some nudist single women there and we have many more Christians here in the Bible belt than New York City where Young Naturists of America is based.
I understand that one of the leaders of Florida Young Naturists is a Christian and there may well be some other Christians in that club.
I don't focus my efforts on meeting single Christians at nudist camp, but I wouldn't rule it out.
Instead, I find plenty of kindred spirits elsewhere.
This forum seems to have more than its share of naturist men married to women hostile to naturism or at best indifferent.
Perhaps they evolved into naturism and their wife never made the journey with them?
That degree of opposition is far removed from my experience with the overwhelming majority of women I meet, and I include Christian women in that opinion.
I attend a church that is diverse in opinion, but overall more willing to avoid making condemnations of gray-areas in doctrine and letting members make up their own minds.
So, I don't even know what "naturist dating" would be, but Christians who are naturist and single should certainly not despair of finding companionship with someone who is open to trying it, if not already active in some form of social nudity.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby New_Adventurer » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:28 pm

I looked at dating sites for nudists, was severely disappointed, and just gave up on that possibility. I went through that dilemma five years ago, the lady I was courting did not embrace social nudity. I had a choice; nudity or marriage. I chose the lady and we married. After four and one-half years of marriage I am absolutely confident I made the correct decision. No regrets. I go naked in the hot tub in the back yard without hesitation but she insists on her suit.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby natman » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:00 pm

According to the database, we have 92 women registered on this site.

Of those, 40 have posted.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Ramblinman » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:06 pm

For some of us, having a wife (or even a girlfriend) who shares our love of social nudity is our heart's desire.
If that describes you, I believe that it is worth the effort to find her.
I have met so many wonderful women who really enjoy this, I see no reason to settle for less than full compatibility.

However, enjoying social nudity doesn't mean that one is so into the resort scene that you'd go every weekend all summer.
For some people, being nude in nature in a secluded place is a more meaningful way to connect your body with Creation and maybe the Creator!
I have a friend who is more like that. Would I marry someone like that? Maybe. It's the kind of thing you really need to talk over thoroughly before you get engaged.

I would certainly have difficulty accepting someone who wouldn't even go naked in a private hot tub.
But naturist dating per the original post, would involve two naturists rather than just one, would it not?
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Petros » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:11 pm

"non-group oriented personality" p

Oooh - I like that one.

I'm in no position to talk. In my time, with a score of eight involvements leading to four proposals yielding two marriages I have chalked up perhaps ten episodes a generous observer might count as dates.

For me, essentially all relationships have come out of workplace interactions with persons with whom I sensed some sort of psychic complementarity. Had I had occasion to frequent a naturist establishment - which syntax shows to be contrary to fact - I might there have perceived that linkage.

I have twice participated in an introductions program. One did produce one of the above referenced involvements. But I am nowhere near as competent at peole seeking as ayt factfinding.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby jasenj1 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:35 pm

I am 15 years out of the dating scene. And I'm now closer to 50 than 30 or 20 when people tend to search for mates. One of the things that has changed since I was in the market is the internet and the mainstreaming of dating sites.

When I was on the hunt (or being hunted) my main means of meeting women was the singles group at church. I attended a large church with a few thousand members so the singles group had a pretty good selection. There are many other churches in my area and I'm sure many of them had very nice people to meet, too. My means of getting to know the potential mates in the group was to be involved in ministry and Bible studies. Our group did a fair number of ministry activities and I found this a great way to see the hearts of others.

One thing that I found key was how internationally minded, interested in travel, and knowledgable of overseas missions a person was. Someone with a broad world-view is likely to understand that there are many cultures with different ways of living.

As was mentioned, "nudist" or "naturist" are scary trigger words. But "European" or "primitive camping" or "hiking" or "remote waterfalls" or other things may be "dog-whistle" subjects that can lead to the topics of skinny-dipping or topless sunbathing and the like. A conversation about wanting to visit (or having visited) some European country could lead to discussing the beaches, could lead to mentioning there are topless and nude people, and ... there's your opening to gauge the other person's attitude toward social nudity.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Ramblinman » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:48 pm

How I met women who were open to social nudity:
1. College classmate who enjoyed skinny dipping with me over the summer.
2. College classmate whom I met at a Christian group. She suggested a trip to a nude beach in Florida and spoke favorably about social nudity.
3. Girl who lived in my apartment complex who saw a nudist resort brochure on my kitchen table, went there with her boyfriend and returned to suggest that I try it too.
4. A girl I met at church singles group. She was a nurse, when we came to a secluded stretch of river and I wanted to swim, but had no suit to change into: she said, "go for it, I see naked people every day".
5. Colleague at work: After we become good friends, she invited me to try social nudity at her house (making sure I understood that sex was not part of the plans for the evening).
6. I have met several single women at our nudist travel club and who were surprisingly enough open to social nudity. :lol:
7. At my hiking club for singles: As I was telling one friend about nudism, another girl on the hike overheard and started doing an even better job of explaining the concept.

That's how it worked out for me, your circumstances may be different.
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby JimShedd112 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:33 am

For full disclosure, I was awkward in my early years, having only what I thought was one serious relationship with a young girl about 4 years younger than myself. I was a virgin and naive. Also, an avowed textile, never even having considered nudity. We did some pretty heavy petting but never went beyond, though looking back I think she wanted to. She, in fact, met and became impregnated by another guy after I joined the Air Force.

I went overseas where I met my future and still wife, a confirmed non-nudist. I didn't become a nudist myself until many years later. She is tolerant of my nudity as long as I keep it behind closed doors away from our daughter and granddaughter who live with us. Consequently, I can't give any input about naturist or naturist christian dating except to say, based upon what I've read nudity is no big deal for those accustomed to social nudism. In fact, I believe there may be far more attraction beyond superficial beauty/handsomeness since both already knows what the other looks like in their naked state.

Jim Shedd
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Re: Christian Naturist Dating

Postby Ramblinman » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:48 am

I can tell you have approached this from an engineer's perspective, putting people in distinct categories that don't work too well in real life and putting dating in sets and subsets that don't reflect reality very much at all.
Decision trees just don't cut it!

Daily life for a single naturist is much simpler:
Some find kindred spirits at the nudist resorts and clubs and I do too to some extent, but it hasn't worked as well for me personally as others.
One of the resorts north of here does indeed have singles in good number and some of them are indeed Christian.
Fellow Christians are more common here in the Bible Belt overall and that includes naturist venues here in the South.

But I am a bit more naturist than nudist and find it easier to hook up with the community of hikers, backpackers and people into sustainable agriculture and organic foods;
then, in that setting, I keep my eyes open for Christian women who are not prudes, who like skinny dipping as long as the place is secluded and the guy is not going to pounce on her the moment her panties drop to the ground.
Women like that have a high probability of being open to a day at the nudist camp.
Emotionally a woman who is confident in her body, even when bare, is so much more fun to be with.
I really don't have time for prudes at all. I absolutely refuse to date one any more and I really don't have to!

I am not sure if your question included what Christian nudists actually do on dates... your sentences left out nouns, adjectives and prepositions in critical spots, so I am doing a bit of guess work here.
But in case you were wondering, I am not more prone to physical intimacy than textile Christians.
If a dating relationship turns to romance, I will definitely express my feelings with kisses and hugs when things get to that point, but sex waits until marriage, I'm not about to change on that one.

I will be the first to admit that if a dating nudist couple are alone together, nude and getting a bit amorous, a little extra caution is wise:
Skin to skin touch is more stimulating that touching through cloth.
Being nudist helps us distinguish simple nudity from sexual nudity visually, but once you start touching, things heat up in a hurry, nudist or not.
We probably have to keep that in mind if we want to remain chaste before marriage.
So we have several options:
Cut the evening short or move into a more public place and find something else to do.
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