Wife's COPD & Treatment and a family in law problems

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Wife's COPD & Treatment and a family in law problems

Postby jude700 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:29 am


Pray for Sandy's COPD, stress, treatment and getting in tune with her pacemaker and drugs.

For a family with in-law problems: daughter now 18 months, was taken from father when month old by mother and MIL. Father now has daughter on week-ends and also takes care of FIL.

My children and their mother may return to the practice of the Church, as well as some of my brothers & sisters.

God Bless.

True joy is a serious thing

Man is a spiritual being, and so has the need to develop his spirit and his conscience.
Pope John Paul II
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Re: Wife's COPD & Treatment and a family in law problems

Postby Petros » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:46 am


I am reminded of a dear friend who for decades bitterly renounced the church, but returned to Rome some years before her departure. Gratifying to me and her daughter.
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Re: Wife's COPD & Treatment and a family in law problems

Postby Ramblinman » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:49 am

I did not know what COPD is.
Having been invited to pray about Sandy's condition, I went to WebMD.com, where I found plenty of explanation and practical suggestions for making the best of things.
But they failed to suggest turning to the Great Physician, which seems priority #1 to me.

Church is what you make of it. If you go there with a contrite heart, you may hear from the Lord through the music, words of the pastor or even sage advise from a trusted friend.

The Church is not without problems of its own. Someone compared it to a hospital with people in varying states of illness as well as strong wise healers in their midst.
Sometimes I feel moved to pray for the Church and my own congregation specifically.
A hospital that doesn't mop floors and change the bed linens becomes a dangerous place.
But at least at my place of worship, it permits growth and interaction in a way that I don't find elsewhere, not to mention the sacraments.
But it is no substitute for my prayer closet at home, my time in the Bible.
I compare it to asking a man sitting on a three-legged stool, "I need a leg of your stool to help build the fire in the fireplace. Which leg may I saw off?"
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